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Catering With Caruso’s Pizza

Are you planning a party, conference, or family get-together? Caruso’s Pizza and Pasta Italian Eatery of Georgetown, DE, offers catering services that will help you make any event a deliciously memorable one.

We offer a special catering menu, with prices starting at $11.99 per person. A half tray serves 8 to 10 people; a full tray serves 10-20 people. Any item on our regular menu also can be prepared for outgoing catering. Please place your order at least 48 hours prior to the time of your event.

pasta catering trays

Catering Menu

Catering starts at $11.99 per person.

  • Half Tray serves 8-10
  • Full Tray serves 10-20

Let us Cater Your Next Party!

Ask for anything different & about our homemade Specialty Desserts! Any items on our regular menu can be prepared for outgoing catering.

Please give 48 hours notice.

Salads & Appetizers

Insalata Di Cesare Con Poll

Half $75.00 or Full $100.00

Bruschetta Al Pomodoro

Half $70.00 or Full $90.00

Homemade Pasta Salad

Half $70.00 or Full $100.00

Antipasto Salad

Half $75.00 or Full $100.00

Garden Salad

Half $60.00 or Full $80.00

Chef Salad

Half $75.00 or Full $100.00

Chopped Salads (extra)

Half $10.00 or Full $15.00


Penne Alla Vodka

Half $80.00 or Full $120.00

Baked Lasagna

Half $75.00 or Full $120.00

Stuffed Shells

Half $75.00 or Full $120.00

Baked Ziti Totetllini

Half $75.00 or Full $120.00

Tortellini Sophia Loren

Half $80.00 or Full $130.00

Ziti Con Broccoli

Half $75.00 or Full $120.00

Cheese Tortellini w/ Alfredo Sauce

Half $80.00 or Full $130.00

Meatball or Sausage

Half $75.00 or Full $120.00

Hot Platters

Hot Platter Tray is Half Spaghetti & Tomato Sauce

Chicken Marsala

Half $80.00 or Full $130.00

Chicken Cacciatore

Half $80.00 or Full $130.00

Sausage & Peppers

Half $80.00 or Full $130.00

Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana

Half $80.00 or Full $130.00

Eggplant Rollatini

Half $75.00 or Full $120.00

Chicken Fingers & Fries

Half $75.00 or Full $120.00

Taste the Difference Today

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